Extreme Connectivity As A Service

Prior to Ford Motor Company, if you asked a person what they wanted in transportation they’d say a faster horse. Prior to Red Bison, if you asked a building owner what they wanted in connectivity they would likely say a faster connection.

Red Bison introduces Smart Building Technology to improve building owners' NOI.

The founding team at Red Bison understood what truly extreme connectivity can actually do. And it goes way beyond just providing a faster connection. After all, the founding team has insight into the future of connectivity like no others. Take Admiral Bill Owens. Owens was formerly the second highest ranking officer in the Department of Defense. He was known for his deep understanding of communication, connectivity, and security on the most progressive levels. In fact, his knowledge was so deep that Bill Gates and Craig McCaw convinced the Admiral to take the helm of their flagship communications company Teledesic. In addition, Owens was CEO of Nortel Networks, and the Chairman of CenturyLink.

Then you’ve got Juan Alfonso, an award-winning engineer, and holder of a number of U.S. Patents. Alfonso was one of the leading minds at Motorola during their heyday in the communications sector. He’s since gone on to be a highly successful entrepreneur, bringing leading communications and connectivity to market.

The real power of Red Bison was created when the founders combined their collective experience and wisdom.

Their SMART BUILDING TECHNOLOGY will be delivered instantly. The supporting business model allows qualified landlords to get their solution and new revenue streams.

"Red Bison goes way beyond just providing a faster connection."
- Juan Alfonso

Within two years, broadband networks in new construction will be a native part of the building design. Gigabit speeds to every device with 99.99% network reliability and Red Bison Obsessive Service, will be the expected norm from day one when a tenant enters the building. Layered on this high-performance network will be a suite of building management applications that can control everything from water leaks to security access. All these value-add services will be turned on by the tenant through a user-friendly interface that is built around simplicity and intuitive design processes.

One key market differentiator for Red Bison is that it provides all the capitalization that is needed to pre-install these networks. They are so sure of the value of their solution that they take on the risk of tenants signing on to the Red Bison network. They manage the network 24X7 and have the direct operational relationship directly with the tenants. Lastly, they share revenue with the building owner. There is absolutely no downside to the building owner and tenants can expect to pay 20 percent-plus less for broadband services on a Gigabit network with next generation security.

It is their very strong belief that in-building networks will be a critical consideration for the FCC in how new spectrum is allocated and new services are regulated. Red Bison is optimally positioned to take advantage of this trend in wireless technology.

Today, Red Bison’s Smart Building Technology is delivering an entirely new connectivity experience for users.

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