Extreme Connectivity

Tenants are demanding ridiculous wireless speeds, amazing up-time, and bullet proof security. And that is just the start! Is your communications partner proactively keeping you ahead of the curve? If it's Red Bison, the answer is yes.

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Are you the smartest building in your neighborhood? Do you stand out as the "tech elite" building when tenants tour your building? If not, you should find out if you qualify for next-gen wireless solutions FREE - and learn a little more about our unique revenue share opportunity.


The explosion of online video, the internet of things, and expectations of gigabit speed wireless are challenging most office buildings with legacy networked infrastructure that cannot be easily updated. Talk to the experts at Red Bison about our "instant-on" technology that can actually increase your buildings net operating income.


What do you get when you combine elite leaders from business, real estate, the Department of Defense, and technology? You get Red Bison's unparalleled solution and business model. Find out why Red Bison is quickly becoming the go-to partner for buildings that want to immediately leap frog their competition. The other part of Red Bison Smart is how you'll feel when you are the envy of the neighborhood AND increase your NOI at the same time. Let's have a conversation about putting you at the head of the class!

Red Bison Smart