Residential technology is exploding. Smart appliances, voice assistant apartments, and co-living arrangements are just part of the equation. Learn how you can be the smartest apartment in the neighborhood. And ask if you qualify for our zero cost revenue sharing plan.


Voice driven IoT is redefining hotel technology. The result - a significant increase in the demand for bulletproof, secure and extremely fast wireless connectivity. Find out how your facility can be RED BISON SMART. It all starts with a conversation, let's have one today.


Good connectivity can determine the success of your clients meeting or an entire conference. Your ability to provide advanced features and personalized support will produce additional high margin revenue and keep your guests coming back for years.

Smart Hotels


It's clear that delivering EXTREME CONNECTIVITY results in increased revenue, better guest satisfaction, and a more efficient staff. RED BISON's unparalleled technology and engineering expertise is guaranteed to deliver tomorrow's connectivity requirements today. Give your guests what they want. Gig Speed wireless they can count on in their room, their conference, or by the pool.