ISSQUARED®, Inc. Wins Fortinet’s 2019 North America Regional Partner of the Year Award

Originally Appearing in, June 8, 2020

We congratulate our technology partner ISSQUARED, a leading provider of IT technology solutions, on having been selected by Fortinet as the 2019 North America Regional Partner of the Year! This award recognizes technology partners that deliver superior business solutions. In cooperation with ISSQUARED, Red Bison has developed a platform of next generation value added services that will revolutionize how tenants turn on IT services in the future.

ISSQUARED® Inc., a market-leading provider of end-to-end IT technology solutions, announced today that it was named Fortinet's 2019 North America Regional Partner of the Year. The Fortinet 2019 North America Partner of the Year Awards recognizes dedicated partners and distributors in the North American region.

ISSQUARED® has been a trusted partner of Fortinet® for several years. Together we have helped organizations create strong security postures and run successful security programs. As a result of our close partnership, we've collaborated on best practices for technology implementation, integration, and optimization, including for the Fortinet Secure SD-WAN solution. ISSQUARED is also committed to technical development with Fortinet through its Network Security Expert (NSE) certifications and training program available to partners for free.

"ISSQUARED® is proud to be recognized by Fortinet®. This award highlights our ability to deliver superior business solutions to meet ever-changing technology needs, as well as our expertise across Fortinet's product offerings," said Bala Ramaiah, Chief Executive Officer, ISSQUARED®. "Businesses need integrated solutions to tackle cybersecurity threats effectively in this ever-changing threat landscape. Fortinet's broad, integrated, and automated Security Fabric platform protects organizations across the digital infrastructure from sophisticated threats while reducing complexity. Our partnership with Fortinet strengthens our strategic vision to implement best-in-class security solutions and threat intelligence technologies to combat growing security challenges and ensure businesses are better protected."

"This recognition as Fortinet's 2019 North America Regional Partner of the Year is a significant acknowledgment for ISSQUARED's commitment and dedication to providing best-fit solutions and more orchestrated end-to-end cybersecurity services for our clientele; while carefully building a strategic relationship with our partners," said Suchinth Kumar, Chief Revenue Officer at ISSQUARED®. "We continue to see an opportunity with Fortinet to create an integrated cybersecurity architecture for our customers in any environment."